A response to Saiko Woods

Saiko Woods is one of the last people I ever thought would be the subject of one of my articles, but these days it’s hard to get too surprised about anything.

His dust up with me came because I follow JD Hall, Seth Dunn, Jeff Maples and others at the Pulpit and Pen.  To my knowledge I had never said anything that caused a problem between us, instead, merely following JD Hall was enough for him to unfollow me on Twitter.  Guilt by association at it’s finest.

Nevertheless, being unfollowed on Twitter is hardly the end of the world.  I took it for what it is, an agreement to disagree, and let it be.

Saiko then teamed up with Clayton Jennings and posted this tweet…. (I edited out the child to protect their privacy and safety)

saiko tweet

You can see my reply and I stand by it.  Saiko then went into a verbal tirade of 20 something consecutive tweets against me.  I told him I’d rather not have a public war and asked him to follow me back so we could discuss things privately.  He refused, continued to sling mud, and then blocked me.  You can find that conversation here and see it all for yourself.

So there it is. Saiko, in black and white (no pun intended), calling Seth Dunn a racist, merely because he owns a Confederate flag.  I guess this guy also hates black people confederate-flag-offends

and this guy  black_confederates

and this girl  blackgirlflag

Owning a Confederate flag doesn’t necessarily make one a racist.  Sure, plenty of racists do like the flag, usually for the wrong reasons.  But if you know Seth Dunn’s (and JD Hall’s) political beliefs (returning rights to the states and limiting big federal government power) then it would make sense why they appreciate the flag while simultaneously denouncing racism, which they have both done numerous times.  I believe the recent debacle with Kim Davis being jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses would be a great example of federal government over stepping their bounds.  The Confederate flag’s symbolism stands against just such a thing.  I’ll digress, but you can read more about what the flag ACTUALLY stands for here

Where the hypocrisy comes into play is Saiko pretending that he’s offended by this flag.  He’s not, or if he is, he lied about not being offended by it when he was a guest on the Pulpit and Pen program.  I’ll transcribe what he said, but you can listen to the audio of it yourself here

Here’s what Saiko said when JD asked him how he felt about the Confederate flag itself…

“I never really had an issue with the flag and here’s the reason why: because it does not hinder me from doing and being what God has called me to be.  We have symbols behind everything.  You know, look, you’ve got hip hop artists that have donned that confederate flag on themselves and on clothing and have made a fashion statement.  This is prior, by the way, JD, this is prior to the Charleston shooting incident.  Now, I know decades and decades of conversations and debates have been going on in South Carolina about that, but it does not – IT DOES NOT – bother me in this sense: that it affects how I treat my brother or sister, it does not hinder my commission to preach the gospel, it does not make me less of a man – let alone a man of God, so when I hear these conversations about this particular flag, I really believe we’re dangerously close to violating if not already violating 2 Timothy 2:4 where the Bible tells us ‘No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of every day life.’ Why? ‘So that he may please the One who enlisted him as a soldier!’ We’re getting preoccupied with a piece of cloth?  You know what, check this out, if we’re getting preoccupied with a piece of cloth, you know what else people are going to get preoccupied about?  Then somebody’s going to get preoccupied about the Christian flag or our banner which is the cross, and somebody else can get preoccupied and offended by this symbol and that symbol.  We are not to get ourselves so involved and so immersed in social issues to the point that we lose sight on why God left us here, and that is to preach the gospel, make disciples, and once you do that, then love for God and love for others will be seen.  But going about it the way that Barnabas Piper and other believers are doing it with influence?  Brother this is a sin, this is causing, this is stirring up discord and sowing discord among the brethren.  And last time I checked, last time I checked, JD?  In Proverbs 6:19, God says he hates that.  He hates those that cause and stir up discord among the brethren.”

So there’s proof that Saiko isn’t bothered by the flag although now he’s claiming it offends him.  Which leads to the question, is there something else Seth Dunn (or JD) has said that would lead one to believe they’re racists?  If it’s out there, my guess is that Saiko and all of the other P&P detractors would be blasting it all over Facebook and Twitter.  I’d hold my breath waiting for evidence of such racism but I’m afraid I’d pass out first.

In a prior conversation, before Saiko called me a “fake dude” and blocked me, he implied that JD Hall was racist.  I asked him why he felt that way and he said it was because JD used the word “Bruh.”  Again, I would hardly consider that as a smoking gun of racism, considering JD Hall had invited Saiko over to his house after the Shepherd’s Conference and considering Saiko uses the word himself.  Perhaps only black people are allowed to use the word, I don’t know, but to make an absolute claim of racism based on this alone is weak at best.

Consider, also, what Saiko said in that same episode of the Pulpit and Pen that he was a guest on.  Saiko said,

“I get sick and tired of white brothers and sisters in Christ who are afraid to speak out against a sin that my black brothers and sisters commit because – HERE IT IS – because for you as a white guy, JD, to say the very same thing that I’m saying about black people?… ‘Oh [now] you’re the racist, oh you’re the bigot, oh you don’t know what we’ve been going through, oh you don’t know the struggle.'”

It’s very clear that Saiko had no problems with JD and never considered him to be racist whatsoever at the time this episode was recorded.  He’s standing shoulder to shoulder with JD, even if it meant calling out black people’s sin as a white man.

So why the sudden about-face?

My guess is that Saiko got offended when JD questioned his discernment regarding Carl Lentz’ promise that openly homosexual couples were being “dealt with” at Hillsong church.

Saiko went on record several times to publicly defend Lentz as shown in the following screenshots…

saikolentz saikolentz2 saikolentz3 saikolentz4 saikolentz5

Turns out JD was right that Lentz’ promise held about as much water as a sieve in the Sahara, as evidenced here.  But the damage was already done, Saiko’s discernment was called into question (evidently for good reason), and subsequently his ego was bruised, and the friendly relationship between Saiko and P&P was immediately rent asunder.

And from that point on, Saiko’s been looking for offense to take from Seth, JD, and anyone else who follows them.  Things that he said didn’t bother him before have suddenly become offensive.  People he had no problem with before have suddenly become the enemy.  It’s not that they were wrong about anything, it’s that they questioned Saiko’s discernment and things unraveled quickly from there.

If I’m wrong, if there’s some evidence out there that any of the guys at P&P are racist, I’ll gladly apologize to Saiko and update this article with said apology.  But you, Saiko, made the charge of racism, so the burden of proof is on you to prove it.  Until that happens, it appears to me that you’re bearing false witness because your pride got hurt when you were wrong about Lentz.


2 thoughts on “A response to Saiko Woods”

  1. I have been telling people about Saiko Woods for the past almost 6 years, but no one seems to want to listen. I’ve explained over and over again, to multiple people — even Chris Rosebrough on an hour and a half phone call — that Saiko Woods is dangerous, contentious, unqualified to pastor, and an overall total nutcase.

    “Saiko Woods Investigated (Profile of an Abusive ‘Pastor’)”

    “The Case Against “Pastor” Saiko Woods”


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