Karen Swallow Prior and Pro-Choice Liberals

I think many Christians will verbally proclaim their disgust with abortion. They’ll readily admit that it’s sinful, grotesque, wicked. Karen Swallow Prior is such a person that would agree. It’s evident from her Twitter timeline as she has posted numerous articles and comments in that vein.

But do we really view abortion as the murder of an innocent human being? Sure, we’ll say it’s murder with our mouths, but do we really believe it in our hearts? Deep down inside, are we really as disgusted and outraged about abortion as we claim to be?

That’s where I see some dissonance with Karen Swallow Prior’s attitude. Let me explain.

She recently tweeted an article that she wrote about Barack Obama (a liberal who condones the slaughter of babies) and how he met with author Marilynne Robinson to discuss her book and her thoughts on God. It’s quite clear that there’s a glowing admiration for Obama, as Karen Swallow Prior mentions in the article that Obama is a talented writer himself.

Now this is where Karen Swallow Prior and her rabid supporters will throw down the gauntlet and say, “The article wasn’t about admiring Obama, it was about a Christian getting the chance to share the gospel with him! What’s wrong with that? Shouldn’t you be happy about that?”

Well, yes, if Marilynne Robinson actually did share the gospel with him (I doubt that she did). I think the chances are much more likely that she got weak in the knees around the most powerful man in the world and fawned over him with admiration, but I digress.

Before that article that spoke glowingly of Obama, Karen Swallow Prior tweeted an article from the Washington Post about another liberal who condones baby slaughter by the name of Bernie Sanders.

This article is mostly about Bernie Sanders’ religion, which is apparently Judaism, but he also says Islam and Buddhism are “great religions” (you’ve got to pander to get their votes I suppose). I’ll give Karen Swallow Prior credit here, she was quoted in the article and said, “Sanders presented Christianity as being ‘a faith based on right and wrong as opposed to a faith based on grace.'”

To her credit, Karen Swallow Prior also tweeted that the students at Liberty U stood and applauded when Sanders was asked about justice for children in the womb.

Here’s the rub. When you are truly, genuinely as outraged about abortion as a Christian should be, you don’t find common ground with someone who supports it.

Apparently some people need to be reminded: They condone the slaughter of innocent babies! For crying out loud!

Would Karen Swallow Prior write an article about how Jeffrey Dahmer had a conversation with a Christian author about books? Of course not. Because Jeffrey Dahmer is an utterly depraved psychopath, no further explanation necessary. Is abortion somehow a lesser offense in God’s eyes than Dahmer’s murders? No! So why do some people treat it as such?

Or how about Michael Vick, who spent 23 months in prison for dog fighting, who was reported to have electrocuted and hung dogs from nooses that didn’t perform up to standards? Think Karen Swallow Prior’s going to post any articles about him opening up about his Judiasm or write any articles about him pontificating about his literary preferences? Not a chance. But isn’t abortion worse than dog fighting?

So why the dissonance? I think it’s safe to say that this is why many people think she’s double minded.

Yes, she’ll loudly profess her disdain for abortion. And then write glowingly of people who support it.

Yes, she’ll profess that she believes homosexuality is sinful. And then say that she’d attend a gay wedding as long as she really loves the person.

Now, to be clear, I am not saying that we as evangelists should pretend that these baby murderers don’t exist. But if there’s to be engagement with them, it should be for one purpose only: to warn them that they are unrepentant sinners on their way to hell, and then share with them the good news that Jesus provided a way for them to escape that punishment if they will repent and put their faith in Him.

There’s really no other conversation to be had when we’re talking about murdering babies.

Instead, Karen Swallow Prior seems to take a liking to some of these baby murderers, such as Bernie Sanders, and believes they have integrity and principles…


How can you be outraged about abortion in one tweet, and in the next, you’re agreeing that Bernie Sanders is a man of integrity and principles?

This is the reason discerning Christians don’t trust you Karen Swallow Prior!

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